Many consumers have started their holiday shopping already. This year 60% of customers plan to do most of their shopping in-person or an equal mix of in-person and online according to Visa’s Back to Business Study.

That means you need to start your marketing now! Start early and be aggressive.  There is a lot of competition, and you are fighting for their business. If you already have a customer base built, you need to contact them early and often. Email them, call them, offer them discounts, and above all else, treat them as your best customers. Get the buzz going.

Here are 4 holiday marketing tips:

🌟 1. Social Media – Social media is a great tool to reach a large pool of people and an excellent way to connect directly with your audience. Make sure you start building momentum for the holidays now! Create content in advance and schedule it ahead of time. The schedule should map out the weeks leading up, and through the holiday season with specific goals. Social Media is the most cost-effective marketing tool for small businesses. People are spending time online now more than ever.

Quick content ideas: Countdown holiday shopping days left, create weekly or daily special offers or featured products/services, gift guides for specific audience segments (grandchildren, spouses, parents, etc.),

🌟 2.  Email Campaign – The benefits of email marketing are endless. Emails can be used to promote sales, invite customers to holiday events, showcase unique gift ideas, or even gift guides, and the list keeps going on. You can reach out to customers consistently and stimulate sales throughout the season. Emails can also be integrated into your other marketing initiatives, such as social media sales, contests, and rewards programs.

🌟 3.  Direct Mail  – The mailbox offers an ideal path to cut through the clutter and garner the undivided attention of valuable  household decision-makers.  Due to the pandemic, direct mail is enjoying its time in the spotlight. There’s a tremendous opportunity right now for mailers. Consumers are home more and direct mail has taken on a new level of influence. The mailbox isn’t as noisy as the email inbox or the social media feed.

Quick content ideas: Coupons and special offers, hand-written notes thanking top customers, gift guides, open house invitations, contests and rewards/loyalty programs, punch cards, etc.

🌟 4. Personal Experience – Customers cited quality, service, and trustworthiness as the main reasons they’re attracted to local businesses over major retailers.  Evaluate the customer experience from the minute they walk up to your door. Make sure they are delighted throughout the customer journey. Though these times have been hard on most small businesses, your clientele wants to be uplifted. Give them exceptional customer service and they will keep coming back.

Be the cheerleader for your business!  The work and effort you put in to connecting with your customers will make the difference this holiday season! 

If you would like help in building a holiday marketing strategy, give us a call. We are here to help and all our services are free!


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