Mathew Wieners has had a dream of owning a business for several years. That dream has become a reality with the recent opening of the Axe Factor. After considering several other business ideas, this trending business idea came up. He partnered with Bruce Baker, Paul Walker and Mike Yuille to bring this new activity to St. Joseph. The indoor activity is new to our region.

Hatchet throwing is something that is both scary and thrilling. To launch an axe at a wall is empowering and captivating. The first U.S. indoor venue opened in New Jersey in 2016. Since then, it has grown quickly in popularity throughout the country.  

Wieners believes that The Center for Entrepreneurship has been instrumental in starting their business. “Without the guidance and knowledge provided by Annette Weeks and her team there, we never would’ve gotten off the ground. The Center for Entrepreneurship was there from getting organized in the beginning process, to forming a business plan, to making P&L sheets and even as far as helping find the right location,” said Weiners. “If we had to do it over again, Annette would be the first person we would give a call to.”

The Axe Factor is located in the Historic Frederick Avenue District at 1302 Frederick Ave. next to River Bluff Brewing. They are open from Wednesday to Sunday. It is a great place to gather with your family and friends or for business team building. 

“The Axe Factor provides a thrilling activity for an additional entertainment for our region. This adds to the activity choices along with the other great establishments along the Historic Frederick Ave. District and downtown areas,” said Weeks.