The Unique Unicorn, LLC
owner: Wendy Lilly

Finding ways to grow (pun intended) during a pandemic is exactly what Unique Unicorn’s owner Wendy Lilly has done. The shop, which specializes in houseplants, potting services, education, green living and more opened in downtown St. Joseph in October 2020. 

Planting the Seed. Wendy started selling plants from her tiny 8’x8’ greenhouse in 2005 as a side hustle while working full-time. Her plants and side business thrived, and she (and her plants) eventually outgrew the space. 

A Place to Grow. With the demand for plants flourishing,  in February 2020, she started an LLC and began looking for store front property in downtown St. Joseph. She reached out to the Center for Entrepreneurship for resources and put together a plan. She did not realize that a week after location hunting, everything was going to shut down,  her plans. She eventually found the perfect location at 618 Francis St. and has been flourishing there ever since. 

Fertile Ground. Despite the pandemic, Unique Unicorn has continued to thrive as Wendy pursues her passion of helping others cultivate their own indoor garden spaces. “The support I have received from my clients has been amazing. It kept us afloat during this uncertain year,” Wendy said. “I also couldn’t have done it without the help from Annette and the Center. Annette  helped me put together my business plan and connect me to critical resources.”

Unique Unicorn is open Saturdays from 9 a.m.  – 5 p.m. They are also open for private shopping by appointment. Find out more or message Wendy with questions or to set up an appointment via their Facebook page.

The Happy Dog Grooming
Owner: Amanda Anderson

Despite the unique challenges faced during the pandemic, Amanda Anderson is focused on fulfilling her entrepreneurial dream. She is currently working with the Center for Entrepreneurship to start her own dog grooming business, The Happy Dog Grooming. She has worked in the industry for 10 years as a groomer in a corporate store. After moving to St. Joseph in 2015, she decided to go out on her own and make her dream come true.

“I believe that I can offer the highest quality grooming and the best customer service to my clients,” said Amanda. “I am so appreciative of the support I have gotten from the Center to help me continue to do what I love.”