Digital Sandbox KC provides proof-of-concept resources to entrepreneurs in the early stages of development, and they recently formed a partnership with the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE), Innovation Stockyards on Missouri Western’s campus, Buchanan County, the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and the Missouri Technology Corporation to bring their success to the St. Joseph area.  The program  recently expanded into the St. Joseph area to give northwest Missouri entrepreneurs a new funding opportunity for their ideas and innovation.

The plan is for new entrepreneurs in this area to receive grants to help fund their ideas. Up to $15,000 in project development funds and professional coworking space at the Innovation Stockyard, located inside the Kit Bond Incubator in St. Joseph.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs,” said Annette Weeks, director of the CFE. “This will connect them with possible investors, other successful entrepreneurs, and additional resources.”

Weeks said the partners are currently looking for people throughout Northwest Missouri to take advantage of this opportunity and make their pitch. Applications are currently being accepted

Jeff Shackelford, executive director of Digital Sandbox KC, has recently provided presented at the Bond Science and Technology Incubator on Missouri Western’s campus to teach entrepreneurs how to make a pitch for their ideas. In early September, entrepreneurs will be able to make their pitches for their ideas before a panel.

“We are looking for people who have an idea that has a potential for growth, but need investors,” Weeks said.

Ronan Molloy, president of Innovation Stockyards, which manages Missouri Western’s incubator, said funding is many times a barrier for those with ideas for a new product or business, and this partnership helps with that, providing money and resources for entrepreneurs.

Digital Sandbox KC can also provide connections and networks for the emerging entrepreneurs, Weeks said. “It’s important that we’re all coming together because the ultimate goal is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs.”

“It’s another tool in the toolbox for economic development in the area,” Molloy said.

For more information or for an application, or contact Annette Weeks 816-271-4283