Stacy Kerns founded Sisters of Solace to provide a place for women to heal from trauma and addiction. In addition to healing of body, mind and spirit, Sisters of Solace places a strong emphasis on creating opportunities for residents to lead a financially independent life. 

“We created a community of hospitality and healing for women survivors of trauma and addiction who have no place to call home,” said Kerns. “Sisters of Solace is built on three pillars to 1) heal, 2) empower and 3) employ.”

Since employment is one of the cornerstones of Sisters of Solace, they started creating and selling beautiful all-natural candles. In addition to providing needed financial support, the business gives the sisters the opportunity for gainful employment. The cottage industry has now expanded to include healing body care products and wax melts, all made by the residents of Sisters of Solace.

“We greatly appreciate the support of Missouri Western in growing our business. We have been able to work with students from the Craig School of Business marketing classes to help us with marketing strategies. The professors have also been very helpful in offering their expertise in many ways including sales, promotion, inventory management and more,” Kerns added. “We are very grateful for the support and involvement with Missouri Western.”

You can support Sisters of Solace and their mission by ordering items online or at select retail locations. You can order online and pick up at their factory store located in the Kit Bond Incubator on Missouri Western’s campus, 4221 Mitchell Avenue, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Friday.