Employers can gain a financial benefit through the Missouri On the Job Training program, which gives a business a cash reimbursement of 50 percent of training wages to help offset the costs associated with training a new, permanent employee. The program targets new and open positions that have the potential after training of earning a sustainable wage and having full-time, long-term employment. The goal of the OJT is to put unemployed individuals back to work, and the benefit for employers is a cost savings.

Businesses save money while workers get the job-related training they need to succeed, all occurring within the normal working environment.

Employers are able to connect with workers who possess a variety of skill sets from prior employment or education, and have a proven work ethic. The needs of the business are matched with a qualified new hire and OJT provides ongoing guidance and support until the training is complete.

Participating in this program takes minimal effort; the OJT specialist does it all. Contact your local workforce coordinator for a consultation and save time and money with On the Job Training. For more information, contact Laura at the Missouri Career Center or go to jobs.mo.gov