Recent graduate James Knight was inspired to become an entrepreneur during his time in the MBA program within the Craig School of Business. This experience connected him with the Center for Entrepreneurship and sent him on a journey to owning his own business.

During his senior year, Knight took an MBA capstone course in applied strategic management taught by Dr. Erin McLaughlin. “Knight was tasked with researching Downtown St. Joseph and creating a business plan. He was to focus on business ideas to increase Missouri Western presence in the area,” McLaughlin said. “Knight’s presentation impressed the community leaders and opened a dialogue for entrepreneurial opportunities in the area.”

Knight knew that he wanted to become an entrepreneur and discovered a franchise opportunity with Planet Sub through the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Business Opportunities webpage. He has been involved with the Center ever since.

“The Center for Entrepreneurship at Missouri Western has been immensely helpful. I have been working with Annette Weeks, who has been wonderful and really helped me get established as an entrepreneur. I am happy to be a part of the community. Getting my MBA was the accomplishment which boosted my entrepreneurial spirit,” Knight said. “Knowing there is a team behind me from not just educators but business partners with the university is very encouraging. I am really thankful I enrolled in classes for the MBA at Missouri Western State University. I am excited to have the privilege of working with the Center for Entrepreneurship, which has molded me into a small-business owner in St. Joseph, Missouri.”

The Center for Entrepreneurship created the Business Opportunities webpage several years ago to serve as a way to help connect established businesses with potential entrepreneurs. It is also a place for business owners to post information when they are ready to retire or sell their businesses.