Business owners thinking about selling their business and prospective entrepreneurs thinking about buying a business now have a new resource. The Center for Entrepreneurship recently launched a website that connects existing business owners wanting to sell their business with prospective buyers.

The Business SUCCESSion website, is essentially an electronic bulletin board of businesses available for sale, according to Annette Weeks ’87, director of the CFE. The website posts businesses for sale, and interested buyers can contact the CFE for more information and assistance. Owners interested in posting a business for sale can complete the online submission form.

For those wanting to become an entrepreneur, this “bulletin board” provides a chance to see what businesses are for sale in the region. “Often an existing business is a great option for new entrepreneurs because they already offer existing income, clients and structure,” added Weeks.

Alyson Thompson, new owner of Fantastic Fido’s said, “ Going into business, buying or starting from scratch, is not for the faint of heart. But, I think buying an existing business is a fascinating opportunity; it gives you the unique leverage of a captive audience in the form of the current customer base, along with the task of reaching a new audience in order to grow the business.”


“We encourage folks to visit the website often to see what is available,” said Weeks.  “It’s part of the Center’s mission to promote succession planning and keep small businesses open while making opportunities available for new entrepreneurs.  Small businesses are integral to our region, and retaining a successful business is an important part of that.”   For further information call 816-271-4283 or email