The Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) is looking for more businesses that are ready for a change in ownership. The CFE created a Business Opportunities webpage that serves as a way to help connect established businesses with potential entrepreneurs. In the midst of this pandemic, the Center has seen an increase in demand for established businesses for sale. 

“Small businesses are integral to our region. The Center for Entrepreneurship is dedicated to keeping established business open by helping with seamless ownership transitions.” said Annette Weeks, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. “Sustaining a longtime successful business is particularly critical to our communities in this new age of Covid.”

The Center has helped 15 businesses successfully transfer ownership to date. The Business Opportunities webpage is free for anyone to utilize.

Card My Yard – St. Joseph is a good example of one of many successful small businesses that were posted on the webpage in search of new ownership and a smooth transition. The previous owner was ready to transfer ownership and was looking for someone that wanted to grow the business. Miu Sutton, a graduate student from Missouri Western, saw the opportunity on the page, took over the business in addition to working on her masters degree and has grown the business significantly over the past year and a half.

“I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I saw the potential growth in the business and decided to go for it. I am glad I bought it when I did, because I get to spread joy during a difficult time in the life of our community,” said Sutton. “Being the first business I ever purchased, Annette guided me through the entire process.”

In addition to providing information to potential buyers, the Center for Entrepreneurship provides free assistance to owners in the process of putting their small business up for sale. The Business Opportunities page, located on the Craig School of Business’ CFE website, allows entrepreneurs to connect with existing opportunities, and potentially keep longtime businesses open and thriving.  

When you, or someone you know, are ready to list a business for sale or transfer, visit the Business Opportunities webpage to fill out the business transfer posting form.