Entrepreneurs of northwest Missouri are fortunate to have several organizations that offer free business assistance.  The challenge is creating awareness for community members to know of these organizations.  The Center for Entrepreneurship staff recently hosted leaders of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation and North Central Missouri Business Facilitation groups to brainstorm on ways to further promote the offerings of these entrepreneur support groups to their respective communities.

As a result of this meeting, Graduate Assistant Carson Myers is drafting a series of press releases about entrepreneurship to be utilized by the facilitation groups in their respective communities. These stories, released periodically in rural newspapers throughout the region will serve to bring awareness to small-business owners, to the facilitation groups, and to generally promote entrepreneurship throughout the region.

The stories will cover a variety of entrepreneurial topics including: “The Importance of Business Succession,” “Coming Home Again,” and “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Northwest Missouri.” This project is anticipated to reach a wide and fresh audience with information about the support groups and news promoting our clients. The newspaper is a common media for story-telling and still a viable means of communication in the rural communities; in fact, the NNA reports that two-thirds of residents in small towns across America depend upon their local newspaper for news and information. If you have any ideas for stories on entrepreneurship that would be fit to broadcast in this way, let us know at entrepreneurship@missouriwestern.edu.