Left to Right: Brent Rosenauer (owner), Steve Humphrey (HNB Bank President), Ken Rosenauer (owner).

The Savannah Reporter Newspaper published its first issue in 1876 reporting on all things in Andrew county and the surrounding region. This local newspaper had been owned by seven different people before Ken Rosenauer and his son, Brent purchased the business in January, 2020.  

“At that point in time, it changed from something that was just a dream to more of a calling,” said Brent. Even though it was initially Ken’s idea to take on this endeavor, Brent has really embraced this opportunity to take traditional newspapers to the next level with modern technology and interactive media. They both enjoy working together and bringing positivity to the community.

Ken was a professor at Missouri Western State University and taught journalism for 34 years before he retired in 2013. He loves being an active part of the community. After Ken retired from Missouri Western, he pastored two Methodist churches and had several projects on the side. While traditional newspapers are trending down, the chance to work with his son and reinvent the Savannah Reporter with new tools and a fresh perspective was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to be an entrepreneur in his hometown. The Savannah Reporter is something both men are passionate about and they look forward to working on it together as father-son partners.

Brent graduated from Missouri Western in 2017 with a Bachelor’s in Convergent Media. He grew up interested in the news, writing, and learning the importance of communicating his opinion in a truthful way. He believes that all of those things are at the core of community newspapers. 

“Both Ken and Brent each bring strengths to the business and that combination of skill blocks sets them up for success in the community newspaper business. We were glad to have been able to assist with the analysis and business planning as they did their due diligence before purchasing this business.”  said Annette Weeks Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

They are also looking to expand the Savannah Reporter online. Residents can now find news articles and events happening in Andrew County at www.savrep.com