Students in marketing classes at Missouri Western are gaining real world experience in addition to their normal class curriculum. Students in Dr. Shiva Nandan’s Advertisement and Promotions and Marketing Management courses are working with local business to develop marketing plans and creatives. Consistent with MWSUs emphasis on experiential learning, these projects are designed to equip our students with the skills required to be successful in the business world. “Observing the evolution of our students into potential managers during this process has been one of the more satisfying experiences as a professor” states Dr. Nandan.

In addition, students in Dr. Phillip Frank’s Marketing Research class are conducting marketing research for similar businesses. Students will be working with individual firms to design and administer surveys during the fall semester. They will also analyze the data in various software program including IBM’s SPSS. Shaina Mixon, a student in both Dr. Frank’s and Nandan’s classes said this about the experience. “The opportunity for students to have genuine clients in our marketing classes gives us a unique chance to apply what we are learning in class into a project that has real outcomes; having a client rely on our research and advice is both motivating and exciting. I am always eager for the marketing classes that utilizes clients into the class. As a student, I am thankful for this opportunities and experience this class provides.”

Projects in each class will culminate in presentations by students to clients as well as other university faculty and representatives. These types of projects provide a great opportunity for students and local businesses. Students gain real world experiences that can further prepare them for their eventual careers. Businesses gain access to marketing resources that might otherwise not be possible. “It’s really a great way for MWSU and the Craig School of Business to give back to the community that we are a part of while furthering the educational development of our students” said Annette Weeks, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship.