Annette Weeks presenting about 7 ways to starting a business

The Center for Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Association, recently hosted the Downtown Empty Building Tour. The goal of the event was to make the entrepreneurial community aware of potential locations for future businesses in the growing downtown St. Joseph community. 

Annette Weeks, Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship kicked off the event with a workshop entitled “Seven steps to starting a business.” Then, Christy George, Downtown liaison, led the group to tour five available downtown buildings.

“Downtown is the heart of every community. We are so glad to see a lot of people interested in this event because a successful downtown means a stronger community all together,” said Miu Edlin, Business Facilitator of the Center for Entrepreneurship.

Since the event,  we have worked with three people interested in writing business plans to start businesses downtown.