As the Center for Entrepreneurship at Missouri Western celebrates its three-year anniversary, we are proud to share our success by the numbers. With the ongoing support of the Craig School of Business, we have made an impact on our community and the lives of business owners in the region. We also want to gratefully acknowledge the support we have received from our community and business partners. Without you, this would not be possible.

Since its creation in 2014, the Center for Entrepreneurship has assisted 388 prospective entrepreneurs, including 275 new and 113 existing businesses. The Center has counseled entrepreneurs to launch 58 new businesses

The Center has also helped with business succession and transition, potentially saving 16 area businesses from closing their doors. Many of these were local institutions that now, instead of being shuttered, have given exciting opportunities to new entrepreneurs. Our newest venture is the development of a “Business Opportunities” web page where business owners who want to sell successful businesses can list them for sale. We hope this aids our efforts to keep locally owned businesses operating beyond the current generation of ownership!

As we work through our daily activities and deadlines, we sometimes forget what a difference we are making, so I wanted to take a moment to share some of our successes and thank you sincerely for all you do to help the Center for Entrepreneurship continue to create and support a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

As I end this article I want to say a “thank you” to those whose hard work is making the Center a success. Leading the effort is Annette Weeks, our Center Director who works tirelessly on behalf of local entrepreneurs. Working closely with Annette is the Center for Entrepreneurship Advisory Council. These dedicated volunteers meet together once a month to work to improve the work of the Center. Many of these volunteers also meet with potential entrepreneurs and help them develop their plans and think realistically about time commitments and financial resources needed. I thank each of you for your hard work and for your dedication of time!

Three years and still growing!  Happy Anniversary to us!

Michael R. Lane, Dean    
Steven L. Craig School of Business
Missouri Western State University