Twenty-two local businesses are working with undergraduate marketing research, digital media and web design students at Missouri Western this fall. Students are gaining real-world experience, and, in return, helping local businesses. Students from Dr. Shiva Nandan’s Advertisement and Promotions and Marketing Management courses are working with local businesses to develop marketing plans and creative assets, while students in Dr. Phillip Frank’s Marketing Research class are conducting research for the Savannah Chamber of Commerce. Consistent with Missouri Western’s emphasis on experiential learning, these projects are designed to equip students with the skills required to be successful in the business world.

“It’s always great for our students to work with the local businesses in our community. It provides students the chance to apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world while also providing services to local businesses. It’s a great partnership,” said Dr. Frank.

In addition, students in Dr. James Carviou’s communications classes are working on social media analysis and web designing for similar businesses. The students get to work with small-business owners developing a social media strategy as well as website development.  

“I have noticed a dynamic shift in the work my students do and their understanding of course content since I began working with clients through the Center for Entrepreneurship. The students are learning important life skills as well in relation to their exercise of confidence and sound communication skills. There is no way I could ever model this real-world experience in the classroom. The organic process of working with the CFE and local organizations is one of the most authentic learning experiences imaginable,” said Dr. Carivou, assistant professor of Journalism and Digital Media at the Department of Communication & Journalism. Projects culminate with student presentations to their clients.