The effects of the pandemic have strongly impacted our small business owners and local economy. Local businesses are trying to survive and rebound from this event as the trend of the economy dips down. The Center for Entrepreneurship is doing its part in continuing to support entrepreneurs in this region by providing free services and finding resources. The Center’s Advisory Council helped locate a grant through one of Evergy’s programs that will allow the Center to continue to help our entrepreneurs.

“Evergy is pleased to partner with the Center for Entrepreneurship in supporting the communities that we serve. These small businesses are the backbone of our society and we are pleased to back their support network.” Said Dan Hegeman, North District Community Business Manager for Evergy.

Evergy’s goal is to empower a better future for their customers and the communities they serve. One of Evergy’s many programs is the Hometown Economic Recovery Program. The Center for Entrepreneurship has been awarded $15,000 through this program.

“We are so appreciative of this grant. I have often said that entrepreneurs form the foundation of our economy, and we need them now more than ever. This grant will allow us to continue to support our local small-business owners and drive our local economies,” said Annette Weeks, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship.