Gina Nielson, owner of Cardinal Country Bakery and a client of the CFE, is preparing to take a big step. Cardinal Country is opening a second donut shop on the square in Savannah, Missouri.  Nielson purchased the Cardinal Country store in the south end of Saint Joseph in 2017. Thanks to the shop’s long legacy in that location and its subsequent growth, the next business goal was to expand.

While Nielson considered a variety of locations for Cardinal Country’s new bakery, she decided that Savannah was the most logical fit due to its market potential and proximity to St. Joseph. The new full-service bakery will feature donuts,, cupcakes, breads and cakes, as well as specialty coffees.

Nielson first connected with the Center for Entrepreneurship upon the recommendation of a friend.  From the first meeting, it was evident that she had both a unique vision for her business and a strong work ethic to accomplish her goals. Using the free assistance that Annette Weeks and the CFE provides, Nielson was able to set goals for her business and plan out the necessary steps to accomplish them.

“The Center for Entrepreneurship is the best thing I could have done to give my business a boost!” said Nielson.  “We’ve also been able to connect with Missouri Western students who are helping us with marketing strategies. If you have just started or have an existing business you should definitely call the Center of Entrepreneurship. It is incredible what they can do for your business.”