A mainstay on the square in Savannah, Missouri, will stay open, thanks in part to a loan program administered by the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Craig School of Business.

The Sports Page, 411 W. Main Street, was  purchased by Leigh ’12 and Stacy Spicer. It was started by the late Terry Powell and then run by his wife Julie Powell for more than 20 years. The Bradley Entrepreneur Loan Fund was used to secure financing from Farmers State Bank for the Spicers’ purchase of the business.

The Bradley family, owners of the News-Press & Gazette Company,  established the fund that helps Missouri Western students and alumni get financing to start or acquire a business. The program is for microlending support to help entrepreneurs get funding.  Businesses may qualify to receive up to $100,000 to guarantee loans from banks or other lenders.

One of the goals of the Center for Entrepreneurship is to help family-owned businesses begin succession planning early enough to bring prospective owners into the business prior to their anticipated retirement. With the help from the Bradley family, we were able to bring together a current business owner and one of our alumni to help maintain a 20-year cornerstone of the Savannah community.

For more information on the loan program or to begin the application process, contact Annette at the Center for Entrepreneurship, (816) 271-4283 or aweeks@missouriwestern.edu.