Miu Sutton ’17 said she had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and working as a graduate assistant in the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) in the Craig School of Business inspired her to take the plunge. 

Miu now owns and operates Card My Yard St. Joseph, a  24-hour yard greeting business. She earned a marketing and business management degree from the Craig School of Business and is currently working on her MBA. 

“Card My Yard was the perfect business for me to get my foot in the door,” Miu said. “It fits well with my crazy schedule of working at the Center and being a full-time student.”

She first heard about the business when she saw it listed on the CFE’s business opportunity website. She got more information about it from CFE Director Annette Weeks ’87 and asked for the CFE’s assistance. 

“Annette was very helpful throughout the entire process, from purchasing the business to writing a business plan and creating my profit and loss spreadsheet,” Miu said. 

Once she overcame her “fear of failing,” Miu started her business. “I enjoy being my own boss and knowing that the long hours I put in are going towards the success of my business,” she said. “I also love that Card My Yard is making an impact and spreading joy in the community.”

Miu noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has not affected her business practices, because clients have always ordered online, and she really hasn’t ever had face-to-face contact with them. In fact, she has seen an increase in her business because of COVID-19, since so many people are staying home. 

“It is a blessing to be able to help people celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other events, and bring a smile to their faces during these hard times,” Miu said.