Alec Jenning recently launched Bluebird Custom Carpentry & Restoration. His interest in the building trades began in vocational tech class in 1996, and even though he has pursued other paths since then, he kept returning to the building trades industry. Jenning is passionate about quality craftsmanship, eco-friendly construction methods and preserving history.

“Ultimately I would like to see our business become a leader in the carpentry restoration and preservation business nationwide and to be a resource for people who may not have access to a preservationist,” Jenning said. “I want to see spaces expertly preserved so they can be put to good use.”

When Jenning assesses a project, particularly historic properties, he likes to dig into the actual connection to the past – who owned it previously, what their story was. That informs the work and gives it authenticity.

He is also passionate about making Bluebird Custom Carpentry & Restoration a true family business. “Being able to work from home with my family beside me, teaching my kids and working alongside my wife, is where I want to be.”