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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Apr 04, 2020

Update from Senator Roy Blunt

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“I appreciated the opportunity to hear directly from local St. Joe-area business owners during a virtual Cup of Joe earlier this month. In our state, more than 99% of all businesses are small businesses. There is no doubt that our ability to bounce back from this economic crisis will depend on the ability of small [...]

Apr 04, 2020

Western Missouri Entrepreneurship Facebook Group 

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Entrepreneurs of Western Missouri Facebook group connect entrepreneurs and business owners located or connected to Western Missouri who want to help each other prosper and share their successes to lift each other up as business owners. According to Business News Daily, “Facebook Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity [...]

Apr 04, 2020

Surviving a Small Business in Hard Times Webinars – On Demand

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Center for Entrepreneurship, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce Co-host Webinars for Small Businesses are now on demand.  Tips for helping small businesses survive hard times is the focus of a series of free webinars co-hosted by The Center for Entrepreneurship at Missouri Western State University and the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce.  “Being an entrepreneur [...]

Apr 04, 2020

Missouri Western Update from the President

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As an open access institution with a statewide applied learning mission, Missouri Western serves as an invaluable resource for students, families and local communities. We are critical to attracting and retaining talent in our area, and we are vital to the success of local industry and our society. So it is important that we not [...]

Apr 04, 2020

Cup of Joe Facebook LIVE

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The weekly Cup of Joe gatherings are now available to watch live via Facebook, allowing entrepreneurs across the region to participate and connect with other business owners. Each week, different entrepreneurs present about their business and how they are adapting to this pandemic.  Cup of Joe was started as a way to support the local [...]

Apr 04, 2020

Business Fits Owner’s Busy Schedule

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Miu Sutton ’17 said she had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and working as a graduate assistant in the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE) in the Craig School of Business inspired her to take the plunge.  Miu now owns and operates Card My Yard St. Joseph, a  24-hour yard greeting business. She earned a marketing [...]

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