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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Oct 10, 2018

CoJoe Coworking Promotion

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CoJoe is excited to invite you to use our space for a ONE TIME membership fee of $10. For this price, from now until the end of 2018, you can use the innovative workspace for work, study, growth and collaboration. If you are interested in this promotion email cojoe@saintjoseph.com. Come enjoy the comfortable vibes and distraction-free [...]

Oct 10, 2018


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Two new companies in St. Joseph, Missouri, received project funding thanks to the recent partnership between Innovation Stockyard and Digital Sandbox KC. “Our partnership with Digital Sandbox KC has given us an opportunity to capture the full range of innovative concepts being developed in the St. Joseph area,” said Ronan Molloy, president of Innovation Stockyard. The Sandbox partnered [...]

Oct 10, 2018

Increasing Awareness of Entrepreneurial Support

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Entrepreneurs of northwest Missouri are fortunate to have several organizations that offer free business assistance.  The challenge is creating awareness for community members to know of these organizations.  The Center for Entrepreneurship staff recently hosted leaders of Northwest Missouri Enterprise Facilitation and North Central Missouri Business Facilitation groups to brainstorm on ways to further promote [...]

Oct 10, 2018

Women in Science and Entrepreneurship breakfast

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In September, the Women in Science and Entrepreneurship (WISE) hosted a networking breakfast which drew more than 60 entrepreneurs and scientists from the region.  It provided a unique opportunity for women in the scientific and entrepreneurial community to learn, share and network. The event was hosted by BioKansas, Missouri Cures and Missouri Biotechnology Association. Moderated [...]

Oct 10, 2018

Upcoming Small Business Summit

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The annual Small Business Summit features recognized speakers focused on the growth and success of small businesses. The event is hosted by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and Craig School of Business, Missouri Western State University. This year’s Small Business Summit will be Wednesday November 28, 2018 from 8am-1pm at the Fulkerson Center. Entry [...]

Oct 10, 2018

Helping a Business to Expand

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Gina Nielson, owner of Cardinal Country Bakery and a client of the CFE, is preparing to take a big step. Cardinal Country is opening a second donut shop on the square in Savannah, Missouri.  Nielson purchased the Cardinal Country store in the south end of Saint Joseph in 2017. Thanks to the shop’s long legacy [...]

Oct 10, 2018

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

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Creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a topic that resonates with communities throughout the state.  Annette Weeks, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, has recently visited several communities speaking about efforts to cultivate and strengthen startup businesses. Weeks said, “There are many things communities can do to support and grow their main street businesses, as well [...]

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